First, for those who may be unfamiliar or need a refresher, let’s cover the basics of what sermorelin is, how it works, and the benefits it provides.  These are important because they define the primary reasons why someone might want to consider sermorelin to treat their Low-T diagnosis.

Sermorelin is known as an anti-aging peptide – a chain of amino acids synthetically assembled into a peptide molecule that has anti-aging properties.  Sermorelin achieves this through acting as a growth hormone secretagogue – a substance that triggers the production and release of human growth hormone via the pituitary.  Unlike direct hormonal therapy with human growth hormone, which can be dangerous, sermorelin does not introduce any growth hormone directly into the body.  A patient’s own pituitary gland is stimulated by sermorelin to produce its own natural growth hormone in safe and sustainable levels throughout the treatment course.  This means that patients who take sermorelin see very few if any side effects, and those that do experience side effects note that they are generally quite minor and mild.


Sermorelin Therapy uses Sermorelin, a member of the GHRH class of prescription medications that activates the most important process that improves the secretion of Growth Hormones from the anterior pituitary part of the brain. Sermorelin is only prescribed to patients with a medically-diagnosed need like Low-T patients.


Our body begins to experience a decline in the production of human growth hormone (HGH) by the time we reach the age of 30. This is a normal phenomenon that commonly results in physical changes in the body. Dryer hair, lethargy, a decline in cognitive response rate, and slower recovery from sustained injuries are just some of these changes.

A decline in HGH can cause these issues because it stimulates and regulates the growth of new tissues. As we age, the amount of HGH produced is not sufficient enough to combat the changes that occur.


If you are feeling the effects and symptoms of aging, contact our office @ 661-630-5890 to schedule a consultation. Our team at Komin Wellness understands your needs and are here to serve you.  Our physicians will evaluate your needs and circumstance and determine the appropriate dose of seromorelin for your therapy.

When you visit our office, we will conduct an evaluation and assessment to create a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.


Patients who undergo Sermorelin therapy get to enjoy multiple benefits. As we age and experience a decline in HGH levels, we encounter several aging symptoms. These include lower energy levels, decreased libido, lower muscle mass, higher body fat percentage, aging skin, and slower metabolism, among others.

Sermorelin therapy can address these concerns. Here are some benefits you can enjoy through this therapy:

  • Experience an increase in energy level and endurance combined with an increase in muscle mass gained from exercising.
  • Recover faster from strenuous exercise.
  • Promote lipolysis or the breakdown of fat for energy.
  • Improvement in your libido and sexual performance.
  • Sleep is often improved, especially restorative REM sleep.
  • You’ll feel rejuvenated and have a better sense of well-being.
  • Improved cognitive functions.
  • Support the function of cardiac (heart muscle).
  • Improve cardiovascular profile with decreased total cholesterol and LDL.
  • Improved bone mineralization may also improve bone density, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and debilitating fractures or injuries in older adults.
  • Have healthier and glowing skin as well as thicker and stronger nails and hair.
  • May have a decrease in body fat percentage, specifically abdominal fat.
  • Obtain a healthier and better functioning body – enhance the immune and cardiovascular system and stronger bones.
  • Patients with arthritis and chronic pain can experience joint and muscle pain relief
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