Aviation Medicine

Dr. Komin is the only FAA-Certified Aviation Medical Examiner in Kern County.

What Is Aviation Medicine?

It is the study of the psychological and biological effects of flying. Medically significant aspects of air travel include exposure to changing temperatures, large inertial forces, oxygen deprivation, and air sickness, as well as pilot fatigue. We ensure that pilots are fit and ready for flight.

From routine Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight physicals to complex evaluations for aviators needing Special Issuance Authorization waivers, we offer a comprehensive set of medical services for recreational pilots, business aviation flight crews, professional air transport personnel and even individuals traveling to high-altitude environments on land or in the air.

Certified HIMS provider

HIMS by the FAA’s definition-HIMS is specific to commercial pilots and coordinates the identification, treatment and return to the cockpit of impaired aviators. It is an industry-wide effort in which companies, pilot unions, and FAA work together to preserve careers and further air safety.

Komin Medical Patient Room

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